Vienna Programme of Action (VPOA) for Landlocked countries

The Vienna Programme of Action (VPoA) for Landlocked Developing Countries 2014-2024, is a ten year action-plan aimed at accelerating sustainable development in Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDC).  The overarching goal of the new Programme of Action is to address the special development needs and challenges of landlocked developing countries arising from landlockedness, remoteness and geographical constraints in a more coherent manner and thus contribute to an enhanced rate of sustainable and inclusive growth, which can contribute to the eradication of poverty by 2024.

Particular attention is therefore to be given in the period until 2024 to the development and expansion of efficient transit systems and transport development, enhancement of competitiveness, expansion of trade, structural transformation, regional cooperation, and the promotion of inclusive economic growth and sustainable development to reduce poverty, build resilience, bridge economic and social gaps and ultimately help transform those countries into land-linked countries.

The Vienna Programme of Action (2014-2024), highlights six key priority areas including;

  1. Fundamental transit policy issues,
  2. Infrastructure development and maintenance including; Transport infrastructure, and Energy and information and communications technology infrastructure,
  3. International trade and trade facilitation including; International trade and trade facilitation,
  4. Regional integration and cooperation,
  5. Structural economic transformation, and
  6. Means of implementation.


Uganda has made commendable progress against these priority areas as indicated in its latest summary progress report presented at the comprehensive high level midterm review of the VPoA in 2019 ;