Academia is the name given to all things that are school-related, constituting of teachers, students and other stakeholders participating in teaching and learning.

In Uganda, the academia should help in building scientific and industrial research capacity that is not only fundamental to students but also leads to the development of new technology and tools for future applications in the development of the economy. These should include Programs that support critical scientific and technological expertise which are highly desirable for national development both for research and education aspects. Examples can be academic and individual researches that focus on new and advanced technologies in the economy which include scientific and industrial research.

The Makerere University Kiira EV Vehicle Design Project is a good example of the vital role played by the academia in promoting innovation for development. The innovative research project is aimed at applying contemporary technologies to develop sustainable transportation solutions for Uganda and Africa. The strategic goal of the vehicle design project is to incubate a Centre for Research in transportation technologies with a vision of presenting a wholesome solution to the transportation needs in Uganda.